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Having some fun in the sun before the incident!

Having some fun in the sun before the incident!

So a few nights ago I went to a pool party with my cell phone, there was my first mistake. Then when my two friends were fighting, I shoved both of them into the pool together. Obviously I felt proud of myself for killing two birds with one stone (or should I say push), but boy did that ever come back to bite me. I was standing in my jean shorts and bikini top, cell phone in my back pocket, eyelash extensions freshly done meaning I wasnt supposed to get them wet for the first 24 hours. Big shout out to Fulfilled Beauty! Lyn did a fantastic job on them! Anyways, I wasn’t planning on swimming, but I guess the kids at the party had other ideas for me because after being called to come into the pool many times, I felt a push from behind. That was when it all went downhill. I fell in with my phone in my back pocket. Although I used a great swimming technique to keep my head above water for the eyelashes, my phone didnt manage to stay above. So my friend Abby immediately called, “LACY PHONE” and I gave it to her as fast as I could and then she put it in rice. It has been in it for 48 hours but apparently Rogers Insurance is on strike, s

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