Its here! Pageant week has arrived so have you gone and voted yet? Make sure you pick up the link from my Facebook page and go and vote for me to win the “people’s choice award”! It would be a big help in getting me into the top 20! Well, anyways, yesterday was the very first day of the pageant and it was very eventful. I live in Ontario, so I had to be at the hotel for 4, and my parents took me out for lunch before. We figured they would be able to help me unpack, but the second I got to the hotel I was whisked away to meet the other girls to mingle before getting our rooms assigned. So obviously I was sad to say goodbye to them, so I started crying. And by crying, I mean serious waterworks. I wasn’t told we would be meeting the girls so I just let the tears fall. Bad decision on my part, because my first impression to all the delegates was a red, puffy face, and a runny nose. After that, we went to our rooms where we got a chance to hang out with our roommates, and I met Kendyl, who is an absolute sweetheart! Then we went to a conference room where a bunch of sponsors were set up, handing out free products! I will tell you more about that in a later post…and after that we had pizza and cake and headed to bed to share the voting links.

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  1. Rob Campbell says:

    short and sweet – please be Miss Charisma and tell the others that their blogs should have clickable links to sponsors – click the links to go sponsor’s website . so far i dont see ANY

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