Everybody who hangs around me for even a second knows about my love of sports. I feel like they are a fantastic way to express yourself and to make friends and stay healthy all in one. That is why in grade 9 I joined the basketball, volleyball, rugby, cross country, and track teams. Then, in grade 10 captaining both basketball and rugby, as well as playing on volleyball, badminton, cross country, and track. This involvement has helped me to become as confident as I am today.

At the end of every year, we have a celebration of all the sports teams, regardless if they were successful or not. This year, I was only able to stay at the banquet for an hour or so before I had to head home to finish a history project. I finished that project, so now that that project is history I can tell you about the banquet! *drum noises from after a joke*

Alex, Hadleigh, me, Katrina, Ipsita, and Kendra!

Alex, Hadleigh, me, Katrina, Ipsita, and Kendra!

I got ready with my friends before it started and then we all went together. They are all so pretty! I won a hat, and I had a delicious salad. So I would say it was a great night.

Congratulations on the year BCI Athletics,


Miss Teenage Brantford 2016

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