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For this blog post, I am supposed to write about my favourite place in my city. In the most honest answer, my favourite place to be is my home. I love cooking, watching movies, and spending time with my family. But Brantford has many options that I could write about that would make you want to visit. There is a great hangout for teenagers and kids called Wacky Wings, where they can play games in the arcade which is very original for our town.  If you’re into hockey, there is a fantastic sports centre called Wayne Gretzky sports centre (Wayne Gretzky is from Brantford), and there are great arenas there. But my favourite place would have to be a little nook off the trail found in Apps Mill, a lovely large forest. There is a rope swing and it has a mini sand beach where you can sit and have lunch and then hop into the natural river when it gets too hot. One of my favourite parts is that there is barely ever anybody there, so you get a chance to think and have fun with your friends and family without distractions.

If you have a chance, I seriously suggest going to check it out and looking for my rope swing,


Miss Teenage Brantford 2016

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  1. Rob Campbell says:

    like a yelp review but with no pictures – u opted to NOT use stolen pics which is good . tell your friends to turn comments on if they want helpful advice re: blog 3 . tell Audrey miss west sask to add missing links

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